Costa Rica Fisherman Pink Sunrise
Composition & Creativity, Landscape

Pink Sunrise

Pink Sunrise and Fisherman, Costa Rica 2014

This day gave me a pink sunrise. I returned to this spot on the Costa Rican coast several times, and the same fisherman was always there, casting his net, catching fish as I was catching photons. We were practically old pals by the end of the week.

Charlotte Gibb is a contemporary fine art photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in landscapes of the Western United States. Her images are often taken in familiar places for the well-versed landscape photographer, but she prides herself on her keen eye toward the subtle and sometimes overlooked beauty of the natural world. Growing up among the beautiful mountains of Northern California, she considers herself a student of life, learning about people, nature, music, and photography along the way. But always, her life-long passion for the wilderness shines through it all. Charlotte earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and has exhibited her work in several solo shows throughout California. Her darkroom, long gone now, has been replaced with digital darkroom tools, and her style has evolved from a somewhat journalistic approach, to one that pays tribute to the natural world.