• Landscape, Winter, Yosemite

    A Winter Snowstorm in Yosemite

    A stunning four million people visit Yosemite National Park each year. Most plan their visit for the summer months, and the majority of those only spend their time in the 5.9 square miles of Yosemite Valley. Consequently, the winter months are quiet there, but also very lovely.  Meadows are covered with morning frost. Mist weaves around the river and the meadows. Waterfalls begin to have some flow again as winter storms bring much needed precipitation to the Sierras. When snow is in the forecast, the hotels and campgrounds empty as people clear out of Yosemite Valley. And that’s just the kind

  • Yearbooks

    A new year. New images.

    I have been blessed to spend time in some beautiful locations with my camera and my ideas. Recently, my wanderings have taken me to Yosemite, Eastern Washington, and California’s North Coast. I also found inspiration right here in my hometown of Lafayette, California. For my photographer readers, you’ll notice in the notes below that I’m using two camera bodies these days — a Sony a7RII and Canon 5DsR. They are both wonderful cameras and I use each for different purposes and situations. I tend to use the Sony for high contrast images and night-scapes because its superior dynamic range

  • Yearbooks

    Twelve Months. Twelve Photographs.

    It’s that time of year when we stop to reflect where we’ve been, and think about what’s next. I took inspiration from some incredibly beautiful places in 2017. I spent time with cherished friends in Europe and the Southwest. I came face to face with my own mortality. And then, with my husband’s mortality. (We are both ok, I’m glad to report!) I said goodbye to an old friend. And, I learned the importance of letting go, taking stock, and looking forward. My photography continues to be a place of solace for me — something I can return to again and

  • Landscape, Yosemite

    Yosemite on Fire

    The West is on fire. It must be Summer. As a native of Northern California, I grew up accustomed to the smell of forest fires starting in June and lasting through the Fall. That smell and the accompanying hazy air was an expected, if unwelcome Summer guest. I’ve learned to live with wildfires as part of nature and the cycle of life, though it pains me to see the places I love burn. During my brief visit to Yosemite Valley last week, firefighters were battling three fires in the park simultaneously. Dead pines from the sustained drought period and

  • Astrophotography

    Photographing a total solar eclipse: What could possibly go wrong?

    I hadn’t planned to photograph the total solar eclipse that swept across the United States on August 21, 2017. First of all, I knew nothing about photographing such astronomical events, nor did I have the special filters required to make a usable image. And, as the day drew nearer, it seemed improbable that I would find a place to stay anywhere near the path of totality. I was pretty much resigned to stay home and miss the entire event, in spite of my great curiosity to witness, if not photograph, the only total eclipse that would ever come close enough

  • Travel

    Out of Her Element: A Landscape Photographer Goes to Sea

    “Let’s go to Europe this Summer! We’ll travel England and Germany, then head to Spain and spend a week on a yacht, cruising the Mediterranean!” Alas, my husband Gary’s enthusiasm was not received and returned by me with equal measure. Under any other circumstances, I have would jumped at the opportunity to go. We have close friends there, you see, and I hadn’t visited them in some time. However, the part about cruising the Med gave me serious pause. I can still clearly remember my last sea-going experience: I ended up jumping off and swimming to shore to escape