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    My best photographs of 2020

    It’s that time of year again — time to take a hard look at the best photographs I created over the last 12 months, and boy, what a year it was! A pandemic claimed nearly two million lives and created global economic hardship. Climate change hit home with historic, record-breaking wildfires. The fight for social justice took to the streets. And finally, we had to endure a presidential election like this country has never witnessed. When I reflect on everything that happened in 2020, it is a wonder I was able to make art at all. The year started

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    Road trip! A photographic journey through seven states in a truck camper.

    Journeys begin in all manner of ways. Ours began because of Covid-19. A year ago, I couldn’t have predicted that Gary and I would be happily cloistered in a small truck camper, road tripping around seven states. But, here we are. After months of sheltering in place in our Bay Area home, we were restless and eager to roam. I was eager to have my camera in my hands again. We were relieved when our state eased travel restrictions, but Covid-19 had changed everything about traditional travel. Gone were the days of staying in hotels or using public

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    A New Way of Being: Sheltering in Place

    We made it through the first two weeks of living under the “shelter in place” restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic. Gary and I are healthy and fine, hunkered down in our San Francisco Bay Area home. We’re figuring out how to safely get groceries and other necessities as we settle into new routines. We sincerely hope this finds you well too. As we slow way down, we are taking stock of what is important and what the pandemic has revealed about humanity. Gratitude is the enemy of fear. Laughter is the balm when news get tense. Beauty feeds the

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    Human/Nature — A photo essay

    People love to love nature. We go through great expense and trouble to leave our cities and put ourselves into natural environments where we can enjoy these beautiful places. In this photographic project, “Human/Nature,” I explore the relationship between people and the landscapes we love. Throughout history, our aesthetic for the landscape has evolved. For example, during the mid-17th century, Europeans considered the wilderness to be ugly and unbridled. Travelers passing through mountainous and untamed landscapes during those times pulled the drapes closed in the carriages so as to not offend their eyes. The most admired landscapes in those

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    Yosemite Renaissance 35

    Thirty-five years of exhibits Over the last five years, I have been honored to have eight of my photographs selected for Yosemite Renaissance exhibits. With each submission, I strive to contribute something new to an already rich visual conversation about my favorite National Park. In the process, I look for fresh narratives and different vantage points, hoping to offer a yet unheard “voice” to the wondrous natural conversation that echoes throughout Yosemite Valley. That is the “Renaissance” aspect of the exhibit; the goal of achieving unique expression in a place that has been photographed by millions of people. So, while

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    Twenty Nineteen: In retrospect

    Twenty nineteen. I spent a lot less time creating and more time teaching, speaking, and writing about photography. I said my final goodbyes to my dear sister, Nancy. My husband and I said farewell to our software company of 33 years and all our beloved employees. And, we buried our sweet, 18-year-old kitty. It was a year that brought a lot of change. I fed my soul in Yosemite and the mountains at every opportunity. There will be some changes in 2020. More laughter. More creating. More learning. More doing the things I love