Sunset Clouds Over the Sierras

Sunset Clouds Feb 2014

I had arrived to this spot just above Yosemite Valley to shoot a much different scene than the one I present here. To the East, the moon was rising over Half Dome, just peeking over a thin layer of clouds, a delicate alpenglow illuminating the granite icons of both Half Dome and El Capitan. It was a breathtakingly beautiful and magical sight. I was so entirely wrapped up in that scene that I nearly missed the spectacular cloud formations and color in the sky at my back. After much fumbling about as I struggled to reposition my tripod, switch lenses, recompose, and assure that the whole system wasn’t going to tip over, I finally snapped off just a couple of frames before the light completely faded. Tomorrow, I will show you the moonrise over Half Dome, taken just moments before this one.