Mono Lake all dressed up in Pink!



Mono Lake is famous for its dramatic sunrises, sunsets and weird tufa formations that rise spookily from the lake bottom. It is an enormous lake, covering more than 43,000 acres, and is highly saline and alkaline since it has no outlet, allowing minerals and salts to accumulate. Resting at the foot of the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada in California, the lake presents a myriad of moods depending on the time of day, the season and the weather, making it a favorite spot for landscape photographers and tourists.

Last week when I was visiting the area, a series of thunderstorms had rolled through the Sierra, creating day after day of dramatic skies. On this particular day, the lake presented me with a pink sunset, soft and lovely.  I ran into a Japanese couple as I walked back to my truck who expressed dismay and some disappointment in the pink sunset. They had been told it would be red.