Fall in the Eastern Sierra, 2014

Within The Aspen Grove, 2014

In California, we don’t have the dazzling spectacle of fall color as they do on the East Coast, but on the Eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, we have Aspen trees. This year, because of the severe drought and the long hot summer, the Aspens turned color a bit early, and some of the leaves shriveled up and turned brown instead of their usual brilliant hues.

So, when I arrived in Lee Vining last weekend, I found that I was a little late to the party. Many of the groves were past their prime and had already lost a lot of their foliage. However, I found that I preferred the trees this way, with their stark, white bones creating ample opportunity for interesting compositions.

I made this photograph inside a massive grove of Aspens near Rush Creek, where the fall color was still near its prime.