After the Rim Fire

After the Rim Fire


It took me a while to muster the courage to visit the burn area from Yosemite’s massive Rim Fire last Summer. It was not quite what I expected. Certainly, there were areas that had been burnt to a crisp, but there were also large swatches of forest within the burn perimeter where some of the vegetation had survived. I saw a herd of deer pawing around in the burn area, a stone’s throw away from an area rich in vegetation. Woodpeckers and crows had returned to the blackened forest as well.

The photo I chose to make of this scene had to be in black and white. It just made sense.

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  1. Dick Dworak says: Reply


    These are terrific of the past few days . . . wonderful imagination . . . is some of this reflecting the Ansel Adams workshop ?

    thanx, Dick _______________________

    1. Thanks, Dick! Yes, I’m broadening my vision since my last trip to Yosemite. Thank you, Keith Walklet!

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